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Convert spreadsheet cells to Markdown

Table to Markdown makes it easy to convert cells from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet, LibreOffice Calc, or any modern spreadsheet application, into Markdown.

How it works

Need to convert from Excel to Markdown? When copying cells from Excel and other spreadsheet applications, this data is stored in your clipboard as text and as an HTML table. This is how you can copy cells from Microsoft Excel, paste them into Microsoft Word, and still see the cells as a table.

Table to Markdown uses this HTML version of your spreadsheet cells, too. And with just a few steps, you can turn those cells into well-formatted Markdown:

1. Select the cells you'd like to convert to Markdown

Google Sheets cells
Google Sheets cells

2. Copy those cells to your clipboard

You can right-click and select "Copy" or type Ctrl+C for Windows or Command+C for macOS.

3. Paste the cells in the Table to Markdown paste area

You can right-click and select "Paste" or type Ctrl+V for Windows or Command+V for macOS.

4. Click the "Convert" button

Once you click "Convert", you'll see a happy Markdown table waiting for you:

| Format   | Grooviness |
| -------- | ---------- |
| HTML     | Medium     |
| Markdown | High       |

It's as easy as that!


There are other ways to convert spreadsheets to Markdown, too.


TableConvert homepage
TableConvert homepage

TableConvert is an online application that can convert tables from a number of formats. It also features a WYSIWYG table editor, which is convenient for composing or editing a table.


Excel toolkit, or exceltk, is a command-line program for Windows, macOS, and Linux that can convert an Excel file into a number of formats, including Markdown.